Impeachable: Jarrett sees immigration rewrite and Obamacare as ‘top achievements’

Neil Munro reports at The Daily Caller:

    Valerie Jarrett, one of President Barack Obama’s top deputies, said Tuesday that immigration reform would be as important to the country’s future as Obamacare.

    “It will be a landmark piece of legislation,” she told a videotaped meeting of progressive allies in a building alongside the White House.

    “Together with the Affordable Care Act — two major pieces of legislation — that when we look back 50 years from now, I think we will all just be extremely proud,” said Jarrett.

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Impeachable: The NSA review ‘outside experts’ fix is in


WaPo‘s Andrea Peterson reports from an ABC report that an “official announcement is due soon” that the

    Obama administration’s surveillance review panel will include former intelligence and White House staffers, including Michael Morell, Richard Clarke, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire. … Privacy advocates aren’t happy with the composition of the group revealed so far. Some privacy groups believe that the White House will insist on all members having top secret clearances, effectively barring most independent privacy watchdogs from consideration for the panel.

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